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BREAKING: Ben Carson’s Top Aides Just Made a Huge Announcement

Dr. Ben Carson, who has been falling in the polls though still polling in the top 5 of all candidates, recently announced that he would be making some major changes in his campaign.

Some of his top-level staff members, however, were obviously not waiting around to see what changes Carson was going to make and made an announcement on New Year’s Eve that will force Carson to begin 2016, and the push to gear up for the Iowa caucus, seriously shorthanded.

Doug Watts, Carson’s communications director, and Barry Bennett, his campaign manager, have both resigned from the Carson campaign.

Although Carson’s fundraising numbers remained high, he has seen himself falling in the polls. Carson’s fourth quarter donations totaled $23 million, more than any other GOP candidate. But, that was not enough to salvage his staff.

In a statement to FOX News, Watts said, “Barry Bennett and I have resigned from the Carson campaign effective immediately. We respect the candidate and we have enjoyed helping him go from far back in the field to top-tier status.”

Carson’s has not maintained his top-tier status, however, The most recent Real Clear Politics poll places Carson in fourth place behind Donald Trump and Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. FOX News also notes that in their latest poll, Carson has fallen from a high of 23-percent to a new low of nine percent.

There has been no mention of these resignations on Dr. Carson’s social media, though his campaign is expected to address these resignations later today.

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