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How Liberalism Destroyed Europe and Gave Rise to Islam


If we want to look into a crystal ball and see what America will look like in 20 years if President Obama and his secular, socialist minions have their way, just look at 2015 Europe.

After decades of atheism, “political correctness”, and socialized everything, most European countries are teetering on the verge of extinction.

Breitbart has the shocking revelations:

So this is the way 2015 ends for Europe, not with a bang, but with a whimper. With Brussels, Paris, London and Berlin all on high alert, having either cancelled or drastically altered their plans for traditional New Year’s celebrations across the capitals of the continent.

It would be amusing were it not such a tragic development for those of us who have to live among them, that the open-door, terrorist-apologist policies of the liberal left which has its tentacles deep in the “old” conservative parties across Europe have led in many ways to the decline of their own ideals.

“Tolerance” – going. “Sexual liberation” – going. “Feminism” – gone. These, if not yet fully dead, are ideals in their death throes as Europe undergoes a seismic shift in demographics and inevitably, our politics.

And what better way than to mark the occasion that German Chancellor Angela Merkel – not so much the architect as the project manager – delivering her annual New Year speech, for the first time, subtitled in Arabic?

A German Chancellor’s speech with Arabic subtitles?  What’s wrong with this picture?


Yep, and Time Magazine called Merkel – “Person of the Year”!

But, what we are seeing is the inevitable result of liberal, socialist, secularism played out in society.
Europeans believe in nothing, stand for nothing, and as a result, soon will have nothing as the continent is sure to be completely overrun with Islamic jihadists hell-bent on conquering lands that they couldn’t in the AD 700s and AD 1600s.


Breitbart has more:

What people are really talking about around their dining tables this Christmas and New Year season are the ever-slimming chances of the survival of their lifestyles; the survival of Western civilisation. And our ivory-tower dwelling colleagues in the left/mainstream media scratch their heads and ask, “Why do people support Donald Trump/UKIP/PEGIDA/Viktor Orban/AfD/Front National” (delete as appropriate).

“Do not portray this as a clash of civilisations,” we are so often told. The implication coming from the liberal left, once again, is that people like me, born into Muslim households in the West, are still predisposed to a different civilisation. THAT civilisation. The one with the beheadings, and the niqabs, and the child abuse, and the hurling people from buildings.

Nope.  Liberal, atheist, socialist policies cannot stand against any absolutist ideologies, no matter how fanatical.

The Christian churches in Europe long ago abandoned orthodoxy for social Darwinism.  They have all but become abandoned – torn down or renovated into secular edifices – temples of humanist avarice and culture.


Breitbart reveals further coming tragedies:

The real racists – a…

 if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.


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