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Obama’s Latest Executive Order Will Give 100,000 Jobs To Immigrants

 Editor:  The ONLY reason Obama can get away with “bypassing Congress” is Congress allows it by not upholding their oath of office to defend the Constitution of The United States…
The ONLY reason Congress does not hold the Executive and Judicial branches accountable under the Constitution is WE THE PEOPLE have told them WE DON’T CARE at the polls when we vote.
It’s way past time to begin telling them we do care AND to tell everyone we know, or can reach, WHY THEY SHOULD CARE TOO!

No Law At All unless Congress makes it...

Only CONGRESS Makes Laws!

Yet another of Obama’s planned executive orders has been discovered and this one is a huge gift to immigrants.

Bypassing Congress, the Obama Administration is planning to issue a massive number of work permits for foreign graduates seeking white-collar jobs. Some sources say he could issue more than 100,000 of the H-1B visas, Breitbart is reporting.

The executive order, published early online, grants work permits to foreign college graduates who will directly compete with Americans for white-collar jobs, just as the economy struggles to recover from a recession and massive unemployment.
There’s also built-in incentive to favor the foreign born: Obama’s plan will also offer huge tax incentives to hire the foreign born over Americans and will allow the companies who hire them to pay them less than their American counterparts.

Obama has gone the Full Monty to bust the immigration system,” says immigration lawyer John Miano. “What is going on is he is effectively giving Green Cards to people on H-1B visas who are unable to get Green Cards due to the [annual] quotas… it could be over 100,000.”

The new rules to aid foreign college-graduates are an extension of his earlier efforts to bypass popular laws against illegal immigration, said Miano, the co-author of a new book about the painful impact of the white-collar guest-worker programs, titled “Sold Out.”
Miano slammed the new regulations, and said they reflect Obama’s preference for foreigners over Americans.

“Notice that when foreign workers are going to lose their jobs, Obama has DHS make protecting their jobs the agency’s highest priority,” chiefly by minimizing enforcement of immigration laws, he told Breitbart News. But “when American workers lose their jobs to foreign workers, Obama does absolutely nothing,” he said.

“We have a president with a very warped sense of priorities,” he added.

The public has an opportunity to object to the new regulations:
DATES: Written comments must be received on or before [Insert date 60 days from date of publication in the FEDERAL REGISTER].

ADDRESSES: You may submit comments, identified by DHS Docket No. USCIS-2015-0008, by one of the following methods:

Federal eRulemaking Portal: You may submit comments to USCIS by visiting . Follow the instructions for submitting comments.

E-mail: You may submit comments directly to USCIS by e-mailing them to: Please include DHS Docket No. USCIS-2015-0008 in the subject line of the message.

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