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While World Focuses on ISIS, Russia Quietly Rebuilding Its Navy

Is the Cold War starting to re-heat?  Is Vladimir Putin seeking to resurrect the old Soviet Union and its military power?

These questions haven’t been making headline news lately given all the attention on radical Islamic terrorism running amuck across the planet, but the sobering reality is that Putin’s Russia is growing militarily.

The Washington Free Beacon has the latest developments:

Following decades of neglect, Russian naval forces are being modernized with advanced submarines and increasingly lethal ballistic and cruise missiles, according to a report by the Office of Naval Intelligence.

The naval buildup includes three new classes of advanced submarines and several new types of warships that the report warns will “provide a flexible platform for Russia to demonstrate offensive capability, threaten neighbors, project power regionally, and advance President Putin’s stated goal of returning Russia to clear great power status.”

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia’s navy was reduced in size, and many new weapons systems were canceled while weapons were mothballed.

Under Russian leader Vladimir Putin, the navy is getting substantial funding for new weapons systems, with the goal of restoring Soviet-level power by 2020, according to the 68-page December report, “The Russian Navy: A Historic Transition.”

This could have significant consequences for the world’s future if Russia continues its re-armament.

Those too young to remember the Soviet Union of the 50s, 60s, and 70s, won’t understand what the big deal is now.  But those who lived through the Berlin Wall, the Cuban Missile Crisis and Nikita Khrushchev’s UN “shoe banging” know what a potentially dangerous threat a revived Soviet Union would be to world stability.

And, let us never forget – Vladimir Putin was the last head of the Soviet Union’s secret police – the KGB.

The Washington Free Beacon has more:

Russia also is proliferating advanced weapons to other countries. “The quantity and quality of the ships, submarines, and armaments sold will transform the current capabilities of recipient states and, in some cases, potentially enable them to improve the quality of indigenous arms production,” the report says.

Recent sales have included Kilo-class submarines to Algeria and Vietnam, Gepard-class frigates to Vietnam, and a modified Kiev-class aircraft carrier to India. Sales of high performance Club missiles—the export version of the Kalibr family of missiles – have been underway for over a decade.

“This proliferation of high grade weapons is one of the most troubling aspects of Russian Federation adventurism worldwide,” the report said.

This was also a strategy employed by the former Soviet Union – arming its client states to aid in its expansionism around the globe.

It was no coincidence that American troops faced Russian and Chinese weapons in Vietnam.

And now, with Russia getting more involved in the Middle East (Syria) and Iran, things don’t bode well for the balance of power in the world.

But, perhaps the scariest thing happening in Putin’s Russia are the growing numbers of submarines.  The Washington…

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