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Black Voter Says He’s ‘Furious’ After Latest Video Evidence Of Hillary’s Racial Pandering

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I’ve always despised Hillary even when I was a Democrat myself.

Hillary Clinton pandering for black votes does make me angry, but what makes me even more furious is the fact that black Democrats are eating this act up. This newest video of Hillary singing “We Shall Overcome” hand-in-hand with others has made me reach my tipping point. Martin Luther King Jr. is rolling in his grave.

Hillary thinks she can sing Negro spirituals and do the newest dance and win black voters? Sadly, that may be the case. Black Liberals have shown that with a little pandering and handouts, you can get their full support. It makes me more sad than angry that blacks don’t realize they have been conditioned to vote Democrat no matter what.

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Some blacks are supporting Hillary because she supports Black Lives Matter. I find it funny how Democrats blame Republicans for police shootings. I will ask them how many Republican officials there are in the cities that experienced recent police shootings and rioting (Baltimore, New York, Ferguson, Milwaukee, St. Louis and Charlotte.)

I can tell you that Hillary Clinton will not win over this black voter. I’ve always despised Hillary even when I was a Democrat myself.

I have to sit back and ask why blacks have belittled themselves to being wooed by any old white Democrat who pretends to act black. Why do they not feel mocked? The same black Democrats that seem to be offended by everything think it’s perfectly fine for this woman to do this? The same woman whose two top donors own private prisons? The same woman whose husband caused mass incarceration in the black community with a single pen stroke?

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I will tell you why they are OK with this: they are still slaves. They are still on the “plantation.” They will do anything the Democrats tell them to do. It’s complete obedience; they will vote Democratic when Democrats have done nothing for them. The Democrats’ “War on Poverty” has destroyed the black community; they replaced the father in the black community with Uncle Sam.

This is an open wake-up call to black voters everywhere. We’ve tried Democrat policies for 50 years; it has weakened our influence and made us dependent. Insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  Until blacks vote for different leadership, they may fully deserve this mess liberalism has put them in.

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