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BREAKING: Army Officials Just Announced A Major Decision In The Bergdahl Case

President Obama’s controversial and now determined illegal decision to trade five GITMO terrorists for one Army deserter, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, has resulted in the Army’s decision to try Bergdahl in a court martial.

Bergdahl’s story began when he deserted his post on June 30, 2009. Bergdahl walked off the base in which he was stationed in 2009 while serving in Afghanistan as an Army soldier. The search for Bergdahl resulted in the deaths of six of his fellow platoon members who went looking for him.

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The Obama administration attempted to parade Bergdahl as a hero. The truth about Bergdahl may never have been revealed had it not been for a few fellow comrades who ignored the confidentiality agreements they had signed.

While the parading of the professed hero was taking place, seething anger from fellow soldiers brewed until report after report surfaced that Bergdahl was no hero at all.

Some speculated that Bergdahl was not going to face a court martial because he had already spent 5 years as a prisoner of war with the Taliban. The Army, evidently, did not share that belief and will try Bergdahl for his alleged crimes.

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Bergdahl recently made headlines when he shared his story on Serial, a popular podcast. He stated that his reasons for deserting his platoon was to make a political statement to the military about what he perceived as poor leadership and decision making. He also said he wanted to prove that he was as tough as the fictitious Jason Bourne from the movie The Bourne Identity.

It is unclear if his Serial comments helped lead to the decision, but on Monday, the U.S. Army announced that it is recommending that Bergdahl be court-martialed on the charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, and abandoning his post before he was captured.

Eugene Fidell, Bergdahl’s attorney was displeased that the authorities did not decide to charge Bergdahl and try him on a misdemeanor level court. Fidell reportedly said in a statement that he hoped for a different direction than court martial proceedings.

Following a year-long investigation by the House Armed Services Committee, the committee concluded that the prisoner swap for Bergdahl was illegal because the Obama administration did not give Congress 30 days notice of the prisoner exchange that turned loose five jihadists in exchange for Bergdahl. Many of the jihadists have returned to the battlefield to fight coalition forces. The Obama administration was also found to have hid their negotiations of the prisoner exchange from Defense Department officials who, like Congress, should have been made aware of the deal.

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