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Breaking: The White House Just Let Slip Obama’s Massive New Executive Order Plan

President Obama is preparing to sign executive orders he thinks will unilaterally implement his gun control agenda, the Associated Press reported Thursday.

White House adviser Valerie Jarrett said Wednesday night that Obama has asked his team to complete a proposal and submit it for his review “in short order.” The plan will include measures to expand background checks.

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White House officials have set their sights on closing the so-called “gun show loophole” that anti-gun advocates claim allows people to buy weapons at gun shows and online without a background check.

Opponents of new gun control regulations have argued that the proposals being pushed by Obama would not have prevented the tragedy or recent mass shootings.

“A serious statutory challenge is all but inevitable,” wrote Charles C.W. Cooke. Obama’s similar end run of Congress via executive order to give amnesty to illegals has been successfully challenged in court.

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“Unless Obama has something else up his sleeve I wouldn’t worry too much about this. He’s playing to the cameras and to the ignorant,” Cooke wrote.

“Even if we presume that the plan is both legal and workable … the benefits would be microscopic. Were Obama to change the regulations … he would ensnare only … a tiny fraction of those who sell firearms on the private market,” Cooke added.

“He would not be ‘closing the gun-show loophole’; he would not be ‘extending background checks to private sales’; and he would not be elongating the three-day period during which the government is able to search for disqualifying information. Nor, for that matter, would he be banning a single “assault” weapon … He’d be posturing, and uncomfortably at that,” he wrote.

Cooke noted that the time required to implement an Executive Order means that it might not take effect until after Obama leaves office.

Obama’s executive order could be overturned by the next president.

“We’re going to be unsigning a lot of executive orders,” Republican front-runner Donald Trump has said.

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