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California Has Every Gun Regulation Obama Has Advocated For

On Sunday morning’s Meet The Press, Senator Rand Paul told host Chuck Todd that California’s restrictive gun laws did not prevent last week’s shooting in San Bernardino.

Interestingly, they accumulated this arsenal in California that has ten-day waiting period, has no private sale of guns. Every gun regulation that President Obama has advocated for California has already and it didn’t stop this. I think ultimately that the rules that you make for gun control, people who are intent on killing themselves aren’t too concerned with the rules. Law-abiding citizens are.

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Later in the program, National Review editor Rich Lowry was asked by Todd if the gun control debate is a relevant response to terrorism.

I don’t get this debate at all. Because we have it after every mass shooting. And now a terror attack. And the proposals that are talked about almost always have nothing to do with this specific event. This couple in California, they didn’t get their guns at a gun show. They weren’t on the terrorism watch list. They passed a background check. So you could do all of that, and it would have made no difference. And the idea now that we’re going to fight terrorism through gun control I think is just utterly fatuous.

Do you think terrorist attacks are being used to further restrict gun ownership?

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