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Dick Morris: Hillary will lose nomination to Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton’s campaign “has been crashing,” setting up a huge fight to “steal” the nomination at the party’s national convention next July in Philadelphia, political strategist Dick Morris predicted to Newsmax TV on Wednesday.

“This is the great unreported story of this vacation period,” Morris said on “The Steve Malzberg Show.” In Iowa for example, in the latest poll, she was ahead by only five points and before that she was ahead by 18. She’s been behind in New Hampshire continuously all December and the national polling shows that Sanders closed the gap to 16 points from 24 points because of the last debate.”

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Morris also noted that Clinton’s sagging poll numbers are why she plans to put former President Bill Clinton on the campaign trail next month.

“More importantly, it’s why two or three days ago she sent out an email to her supporters saying we might lose in New Hampshire or Iowa — and we have to be prepared to dig down, work harder in the other states,”  Morris told “Newsmax Prime” host Joe Pags. “She wouldn’t have written that if her polls weren’t going to hell in those states.”

He predicted the floor fight next year during the Democratic National Convention because Sanders could win those two states — and then take those primaries in states that do not have large African-American voters, who are most likely to support Clinton.

“What may happen here is that if Sanders wins the first two primaries and then does well in the white primary states — not South Carolina, but the largely white ones — Sanders could beat her in all of those primaries,” Morris said. “You could have a situation where she tries to win the nomination, steal it by getting the super delegates — all of whom believe that Sanders would be a disaster for the party.”

He then told “The Steve Malzberg Show” that the scenario “could cause a backlash in the Democratic Party, very much like the Hubert Humphrey backlash that took place in 1968, when he didn’t even enter a single primary and he was nominated anyway.”

Humphrey, the vice president, lost the general election to Republican Richard Nixon. Democratic Sen. Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota had won 80 percent of the primary vote.

“There’s a lot roiling the Democratic field,” Morris added. “The Republican nomination will be decided before the Democratic nomination is.”

The final two GOP contenders will be Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

“One of those candidates will win Iowa and then New Hampshire — and then on March 1, the both of those states,” Morris told Malzberg.

“The calendar tends to help Cruz. On the other hand, Trump is clearly in first place.

“It’s too early to predict that, but you probably have a situation where by the middle of March or April 1 you know who the Republican candidate is going to be,” he said. “But the…

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