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‘Fastest, most fit, most physical, most lethal’ soldier is ‘a man’

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The chief of a military-focused think tank is calling on Congress to step into the fight over women in combat before “irreparable damage” is done to America’s all-volunteer military.

The call for action came on Tuesday from Elaine Donnelly, the chief of the Center for Military Readiness, in conjunction with the release of the group’s newest report on what the military has found out about women in combat.

That data, the organization confirmed, revealed the Marines have documented evidence that women are different from men.

In ways that matter to the Marines.

Donnelly’s report included a statement from the Facebook page of a “highly decorated Marine combat veteran and non-commissioned officer who participated in the 2015 Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force.”

“This was as stacked a unit could get with the best Marines to give it a 100 percent success rate if we possibly could. End result? … [The data showed women] are slower on all accounts in almost every technical and tactical aspect and physically weaker in every aspect across the range of military operations …”

The statement continued, “Make no mistake. In this realm, you want your fastest, most fit, most physical and most lethal person you can possibly put on the battlefield to overwhelm the enemy’s ability to counter what you are throwing at them and in every test case, that person has turned out to be a man.

“There is nothing gender biased about this; it is what it is.”

Donnelly’s report came amidst the presidency-long strategy by the Obama administration to not only open the U.S. military to homosexuality and transgenderism, but advance the role of women in the military to the point they are routinely assigned to tip-of-the-spear attack groups that confront enemies – and destroy them.

The organization’s new report focuses on results from the U.S. Marine Corps regarding women in direct ground combat.

Donnelly called on Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to honor his own promise to review the evidence on the issue.

“Secretary Carter must assign greater weight to Marine Corps empirical evidence than he does to wishful thinking, unsupported speculations, and ‘mitigation myths,’” she said.

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The CMR said for nine months in 2015, the USMC Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force “conducted scientifically monitored field exercises that simulated wartime requirements for direct ground combat units. Unlike gender-integrated support units that serve ‘in harm’s way’ in war zones, these are small fighting teams that seek out and attack the enemy with deliberate offensive action.”

The findings included that all-male teams outperformed mixed-gender units 69 percent of the time, women had significantly higher rates of injuries and early fatigue, and more.

Worse, in many cases of dual-gendered teams, “Numerous cases of compensation were observed during physically demanding tasks, in which males shifted positions to take over certain aspects of tasks from…

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