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Houston City Council Members Who Opposed “Bathroom Law” Subjected to “Hit”

houston bathroom bill

If anyone thought the will of the voters in Houston last month was the end of the radical LGBT push for allowing “gender-confused” men to use women’s bathrooms, think again.

Now, Houston’s openly lesbian mayor – Annise Parker – has activated a radical homosexual rights group to harass members of the Houston City Council who opposed her reckless “bathroom bill.”

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Breitbart has the latest harassment coming from yet another card-carrying member of the “gaystapo”:

HOUSTON, Texas — A Washington, D.C., based LGBT advocacy group has hit Houston city council members who opposed the “bathroom ordinance” with a flood of public record requests. The group is seeking all communications of any sort between these six council members and pastors and faith organizations, and others – in all, 51 groups and individuals.

LGBT advocates have been reeling since the defeat of the ordinance during Houston’s November elections. Houston voters came out in massive numbers and soundly rejected the proposition by a vote of 61 to 39 percent.

After the defeat, the openly gay mayor of Houston, Annise Parker, smeared pastors as “liars” and blamed them for their messages from the pulpit, as reported by Breitbart Texas. LGBT bathroom ordinance losers even asked the NFL to cancel the 2017 Super Bowl in Houston.

Parker had said that passing the ordinance was “personal.” The city and the mayor made headlines after the City of Houston sent subpoenas to several Houston area pastors demanding copies of their sermons and speeches, as well as their communications with church members, as reported by Breitbart Texas.

A group that calls itself “The Campaign for Accountability” (CFA) made the extensive and intrusive request for information to the six city council members.

As reported by Empower Texans, a member of CFA’s advisory board, Robin Brand, is the former Deputy Executive Director of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund and has donated to Parker’s campaigns. Moreover, Parker recently participated in the Victory Fund’s International Leadership Conference.

Parker tried everything she could to ram through her radical ordinance without allowing the citizens of Houston to voice their opinion on the matter.

Houston mayor parker

She even went so far as to demand the sermons, emails, and counseling notes of pastors opposing her public-endangering proposal.

But in the end, justice prevailed and the citizens of Houston soundly voted her ordinance down by almost 2-1.

As a result, Parker has decided to exact her revenge with this legal harassment of those on the Council who opposed her.

Breitbart has more:

The request sent by the organization to the city council members (attached below) “seeks records of any kind, regardless of format, including paper records, electronic records, audiotapes, videotapes, calendars, and photographs.”

It asks for “copies of all communications, electronic or otherwise, from January 1, 2014, to the present” between six city councilmembers “and/or between any of their legislative staff and the following individuals, organizations, and email addresses” and the 51 conservative individuals and groups.

Included in these groups and individuals are: Focus on the Family; Family Research Council; Heritage Foundation; Liberty Institute; The Rutherford Institute; the US Pastor Council; Baptist Ministers Association of Houston; Catholic Charities USA; Christian Legal Society, Center for Law & Religious Freedom; Faith and Freedom Coalition; Second Baptist Church in Houston; Texas Values; and Campaign for Houston, among others.

The public information act request also seeks communications with lawyer Andy Taylor who fought a long but successful fight through the court system to get a referendum to the voters.

Campaign for Accountability Public Information Act Request to HERO City Council Opponents

These radical liberals only use the Constitution when it benefits them.

But, when it gets in their way, they are the biggest fascists on the planet.

Breitbart goes on:

City Councilmen Michael Kubosh is incensed that he and his fellow city council members have been hit with such a far-reaching and vengeful public information requests. Kubosh forwarded the public information requests to Breitbart Texas saying, “HERE IS THE LUMP OF COAL from the Mayor.”

The requests for the email, memos, text messages, letters, and other communications were sent to Kubosh and City of Houston council members Dave Martin, Brenda Stardig, Oliver Pennington, Jack Christie, and Dwight Boykins – the six council members who voted against the ordinance. Although Houston city political races are nonpartisan, most of the council members are Republicans.

The deadline to respond to the public information act requests are December 17.

Lynch Loretta

The only thing left here is for President Obama to send his AG – Loretta Lynch – out to file some kind of “civil rights” complaint against the city council for failing to knuckle under to Obama’s and Parker’s dubious radical agenda.

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