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Inhofe: Obama’s refusal to explain climate deal to Congress is unprecedented

(Time stamp for Inhofe on video is 4:32.34)

Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe said Monday that the administration’s refusal to testify before his committee on President Obama’s climate change agenda is unprecedented and a sign that the president’s policy push will fail.

Inhofe made the comments in a pre-recorded address to a meeting of climate change skeptics being held in Paris alongside the United Nations climate change conference. The U.N. conference is scheduled to reach an agreement among nearly 200 countries on global reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by Friday.

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12/09/15 8:38 AM

The Oklahoma senator is the chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, which is the principal committee for overseeing all government environmental programs and policies.

“However, the administration won’t even come before our committee to explain how they plan to meet these goals of reducing [carbon dioxide] emissions” through a deal the president wants to reach this week, Inhofe said. Obama’s plan is to reduce 26-28 percent of emissions in about a decade, which critics say would not be possible by using a host of regulations the president has proposed.

“This has never happened before. The administration has refused to meet with the committee of jurisdiction,” he said.

Inhofe went on to say that Obama is trying to “implement a policy on climate change that the American public neither wants, nor is able to afford.”

But despite the president’s best intentions, Inhofe said, “These commitments the president has made in Paris aren’t going to happen.”

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Republicans now have the political cover they needed to unload on the billionaire candidate.

12/09/15 12:01 AM

“The president’s commitment is based largely on the so-called Clean Power Plan, which, amid all sorts of implementation uncertainties, faces lawsuits from 27 states, 24 national trade associations, 37 rural electric co-ops, 10 major companies and … labor unions representing just under 1 million members.”

Although the Clean Power Plan is a central component of Obama’s commitment emissions reductions under a U.N. climate plan, “it will have no impact on environment,” Inhofe said.

Independent analysis has shown that the price of energy would rise under the plan, but with little effect on reducing carbon dioxide emissions, he said. The emissions are blamed by many scientists for warming the Earth’s climate, resulting in more catastrophic weather.

Inhofe said as the U.S. looks to reduce its emissions, Russia plans to increase emissions, while China and India seek to act similarly, even though they are the biggest emitters in the world.

India is expecting funds from the developed world to help it make emissions cuts, which the Indian prime minister referred to as “necessary reparations,” Inhofe said.

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