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Liberals Go NUTS After a Nun Did THIS To a Deer

deer hunting nun 2

In today’s “politically correct” world with “gender identity”, “racial safe-zones”, and the rest of Barack Obama’s self-created fantasy world, it’s good to have a full dose of reality now and then.

The following story is just the medicine for those suffering from national media fiction syndrome.

CNS News reports:

“I always pray the rosary in my tree stand. It’s a tradition.”

That’s how Sister John Paul Bauer, 60, prepares for a hunt.

The Benedictine nun from St. Mary’s, Pennsylvania recently made the news when she posted a picture of herself and a recent kill, a 10-point, 200 pound buck.

A native of St. Marys, Sister John Paul grew up watching her father and brothers hunt.

“It’s a conservation effort,” she told a reporter from St. Mary’s acrhdiocesan website. “If you don’t kill the deer, they will starve. You have to maintain the population that can be fed naturally off the land. If you get an overabundance, then the deer starve. Likewise, if you overkill, then that’s not good either. So there’s a balance. You don’t just hunt for the sake of killing. You are part of nature. You’re part of a cycle. You’re part of creation.”

Sister Bauer had her buck butchered for sausage and steaks, and is sharing it with a couple of local families. She also teaches theology at Elk County Catholic High School.

Wow!  What a refreshing story guaranteed to make liberal heads explode!

Here in one article, we have the Christian religion, gun rights, hunting rights, meat-eating, and non-pagan environmental stewardship all mentioned together.

deer hunter

Someone call an ambulance for all the left-wing, progressive, uber-sensitive, out-of-touch with real life, liberals out there!

Actually, this nun is part of the authentic America the national media knows nothing about.

Talk about clinging to your gun, Bible, and religion – she is the anti-Obama poster girl for America.

CNS News has more:

Here’s how Mary Solberg of described Sister Bauer’s kill:

At about 6:30 a.m., she settled in a tree stand, not far from her home in the small, rural Elk County community of Weedville. She recited the rosary in the dim, early morning light … and waited. Not long afterward, the sound of cracking twigs broke the silence; several doe passed underneath. In all the excitement, Sister John Paul’s coffee mug dropped to the ground. She managed, though, to gather her senses in time to spot two large bucks sparring in the distance—about 100 yards away. A former U.S. Navy nurse, she readied her 30-30 Winchester and took her best shot. At exactly 9:05 a.m., the 10-point buck fell.

When Sister John Paul returned to the classroom that week, students were excited to hear about her hunting adventure. The deer was the biggest of the three bucks she has killed in her 15-year hunting career. That’s not to mention the time—five years ago—when she took down a 200-pound bear in the same area.

Oh, did I also mention she teacher in a non-public school and shared the meat from her prize with those in need (without any government program).

This woman just can’t get any more “politically incorrect”!

Or, can she?

pro-life nuns

Since she’s a Catholic nun, she is most probably pro-human life and opposed to abortion and Planned Parenthood’s dead baby organ trafficking scheme.

She’s former U.S. military, as well.

deer hunters

Just knowing there are people like this still in America gives us all hope – not everyone has drunk Obama’s socialist “Kool-Aid.”

Russ Hepler

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