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Meme Reveals BRUTAL TRUTH About Climate Change Activists


Russ Hepler reports on a recent Senate hearing in which Ted Cruz brilliantly exposed the climate scam:

It really isn’t too hard to understand the irrational devotion many people have to the massive fraud of “Climate Change/Global Warming.”

For all too many liberals and other pseudo-intellectuals, “Climate Change/Global Warming” is far more a religious dogma than it is proven scientific fact.

And, the Obama “politically correct” police are always out and about to make sure no one in America has the right to raise any real facts about the fraud.

global warming fanatics

This fraud is similar to the way the national media has “circled the wagons”  around Hillary Clinton to protect her from the truth getting out about the Battle of Benghazi.

But, one courageous leader in Washington is taking on the “Climate Change” fanatics and exposing them for the charlatans they really are.

The Washington Examiner reveals the truth:

Scientists who doubt climate change are akin to Galileo, the scientist who was put under house arrest for finding the Earth rotates around the sun, according to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

The Republican presidential candidate compared the scientists agreeing with global warming to the persecution of Galileo for his findings that the Earth moves around the sun.

The hearing, “Data or Dogma? Promoting Open Inquiry in the Debate over the Magnitude of Human Impact on Earth’s Climate,” featured three scientists who said the mainstream scientific community ostracized them for their views on climate change.

The scientists who doubt climate change, or doubt the impact mankind is having on climate change, discussed their doubts about mainstream data that led to their beliefs. They also called into question computer models that the government has used to form regulations, such as the Clean Power Plan.

This recent Senate hearing was an attempt to get the truth out there for the public to examine and evaluate.

Ted Cruz climate hearing

The national media, Hollywood, and the Obama Administration have all been pumping out the “Climate Change” propaganda relentlessly in an attempt to give President Obama some kind of legacy.

But, when the facts are exposed, “Climate Change/Global Warming” advocates are left standing intellectually naked before the real truth about the earth’s climate.

al gore ice caps

Louder with Crowder explains further:

Man made global warming climate change isn’t a thing. So stop trying to make it a thing. Human beings cannot control the weather. Get over yourselves. The eco-tote bag might make you feel warm and tingly inside, but you’re not changing anything. Ego much?

You know who else is calling BS on man made global warming climate change? Mark Steyn and Ted Cruz (who also embarrassed the President of the Sierra club about global warming). In just under four minutes they destroy the stupid 97 percent of scientist crap and the entire global warming premise. You’re welcome.

Mark Steyn: “You want to stop Super storm Sandy? If they built the same storm barrier that the Dutch coast has, that the Russians have in St. Petersburg, that London has in the Thames barrier. For a couple of billion dollars you wouldn’t have had water in the New York subway. But in all this global warming talk, the practical solutions never get built, just this pie in the sky stuff.”

Ted Cruz: “In the year 1615, if you asked 97% of scientists at the time, would’ve said categorically that the sun rotates around the earth. And yet an individual named Galelieo dared to be a scientist and take measurements. And stand up to that enforced consensus. And I would note it was the Roman Inquisition that brought heretics before it who dared to say the earth rotates around the sun. And today, the global warming alarmists have taken the language of the Roman inquisition in going so far as to label anyone who dares point to the actual science as a denier, which is of course the language of religion which is calling someone a heretic. And anytime you hear people saying ‘Scientists should not question the conventional wisdom,’ you’re hearing someone essentially advocating for the abolition of science.”

Cruz is absolutely correct.  Obama and his cronies are seeking to conduct an “inquisition” to punish any real scientist who raises objections to the President’s pet cause.

Yet, over and over again, these so-called experts have been completely wrong in their predictions about the earth’s climate.

Their record of accuracy is even worse than the nightly weatherman on local news.

global warming Kerry meme

But, the trillions of dollars at stake for the climate alarmist extortionists in the world, means that they will not quit deceiving the public any time soon.

Let us hope more courageous American leaders will stand up to these globalist, “religious” fanatics and expose the whole truth about the “Climate Change/Global Warming” massive fraud still going on.

 if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.


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