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MEME: Why The Second Amendment Matters


From Powerline:

During Thursday’s press briefing, White House spokesman Josh Earnest was asked about the record sales of firearms on Black Friday, apparently in response to the San Bernardino murders. He responded that this fact is “ironic” and “tragic”…

Why is it ironic? If people perceive that attacks by Islamic terrorists are an increasing danger, obtaining a firearm for use in self-defense is an obvious and rational response. There is nothing ironic about it.

Of course, we have seen this phenomenon before. Whenever there is a mass shooting followed by a push for more gun control laws by the administration, people go out and buy guns. Again, this is rational behavior: if you want a gun (or another gun) and believe it may be harder to get one in the future, it makes sense to buy one now. Again, the logic is evident. There is nothing ironic about it.

Nor is the fact that Americans bought more guns tragic. …

More guns have corresponded with a lower gun homicide rate, and lower violent crime rates in general. …

Earnest’s response reveals, once again, that the Obama administration is disingenuous when it claims that it just wants to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the dangerously mentally ill (as we all do).

The truth is that if you or I buy a gun, Democrats like Josh Earnest and Barack Obama think it is a tragedy, and they will stop us if they can.

Jason W. Stevens

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