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MSNBC Foreign Affairs Analyst Says Obama Has A ‘Machiavellian’ Approach To ISIS [VIDEO]

In terms of going after the “head of the snake,” ISIS leaders, Kay suggested, “I think we really do have to take a holistic approach to this. I think what the administration has come to the conclusion of, despite all of the Machiavellian and geopolitical trade that’s been going on is you have to align yourself with ground forces directly.”

“So for example, the alliances with the Peshmerga in northern Iraq, with the Syrian Kurds in the north of Syria, I think they have been key with Kobani, with looking at Ramadi and so on and so forth. And I think those relationships will have to build.”

Citing the cost of U.S air strikes on ISISS of $11 million dollars a day, Kay said, “I think the key question is, is what we’re doing in Iraq and Syria, is that degrading the ability of the Islamic State to prosecute an attack like Paris? And if you look at what’s happened in this year, ‘Hebdo,’ Paris attacks, Tunisia massacre, and a plethora of bombings. Let’s not forget thousands have been killed through Daesh bombs in Baghdad. When we look at all of that, we’ve got to question, are airstrikes enough? I don’t think they are.”

“I think there needs to be a holistic approach,” Kay argued. “We need to align more with ground forces, and then we kind of sort of need to look at the more holistic things like financing and Imams in the mosques that we see in Europe and around the world.”

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