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NO, ISIS Is NOT Contained – See WHERE It Is Spreading

isis spreading world wide 2

Despite President Obama’s now laughable assertions that the radical Islamic terrorist group ISIS is the “JV Team” and is “contained”, the truth is the exact opposite.

In just a couple of years, ISIS has become the most dangerous and pervasive radical Islamic terrorist group in the world.

The Daily Mail has some of the shocking realities of this growing cancer:

In the past two years, dozens of groups operating across the globe have sworn loyalty to the barbaric extremists
It includes jihadis in Uzbekistan, the Philippines and low-lying Russia, while sleeper cells have been formed in Africa
Many of the groups have been operating for decades and are responsible for kidnappings, bombings and extortion
Aside from their brutality they have one common goal – the establishment of an Islamic state governed by Sharia law.

The full scale of Islamic State’s influence can today be laid bare as it’s revealed dozens of terror groups worldwide have pledged their allegiance to the barbaric extremists.

From militia lurking in the jungles of the Philippines to sleeper cells training in the deserts of Libya, a vast array of groups are now claiming to be operating alongside the jihadis’ notorious black and white banner.

It is clear the groups have little in common except their desire to establish their own kingdoms governed by a traditional interpretation of Sharia law. But they are united by one other common principle – they will do anything to realise their goals.

Among the atrocities to be attributed to these groups is the use of child soldiers, suicide bombings, gangland-style warfare, kidnappings and extortion.

Frighteningly, the vast majority of them have pledged their allegiance to ISIS either this year or in 2014, suggesting the group is enjoying a rapid growth of influence.

In total, a staggering 42 international groups are believed to have offered support or pledged affiliation to ISIS and its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, according to the Global Terrorism Index, published last month by the Institute for Economics and Peace.

This is absolutely chilling!  And, President Obama’s indifference to this growing threat has only made it worse and more deadly.

isis spreading world wide

We are already seeing ISIS supporters killing Americans on American soil.

How many more dead innocent victims of this brutality do we need before the American people rise up and demand action from our leaders?

San Bernardino shooting victims

We can’t rely on President Obama to protect the American people.  His own Muslim past has colored his judgment when it come to radical Islamic terrorism.

The Daily Mail has more:

 The degree to which these groups are linked to ISIS also varies – some have made only an offer of support or symbolic association. Others are thought to have sent fighters to the Middle East, or are groups established by ISIS that essentially operate as sleeper cells.

Dr Christina Schori Liang, a senior fellow at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, told MailOnline ISIS had simply fostered a brand which was so effective other terror groups wanted to be associated with it.

Dr Liang said she feared ISIS and its vast array of affiliates would soon extend beyond their symbolic and ideological ties to start operating like a multinational company.

She explained: ‘It’s kind of like a mafia organisation. Everyone has their own business and if they co-operate more I can see them extending their businesses to one another – so it could enrich them even further.

‘I think of ISIS as always looking for new markets. They may not necessarily get into the [other groups’] market, but will take a piece of the cut.’

ISIS is actually just following the jihad playbook that Islam has always used for expansion.  First comes the terror and violence to subjugate people groups.

Then, radical Islamic culture is set up, forcing everyone into obedience.

islamic jihad

Anyone who thinks these radical Islamic terrorists are content to just control parts of Syria and Iraq is a fool.

ISIS wants to rule the world in the name of “Allah.”

Sadly, President Obama seems to be helping them reach their goal.

Russ Hepler

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