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Revealed: Obama Has A Horrific Christmas Surprise In Store That Is Infuriating Many

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The Obama administration is pushing hard to free terrorists locked away in Guantanamo Bay.

On Friday, the administration was briefing Congress about 17 detainees that President Obama wants to release within the next few days. Foreshadowing further releases, the White House said Thursday that “security professionals” have deemed 48 of the current 107 detainees at the camp can be “safely transferred.”

A congressional aide told Fox News that the strategy is to reduce the prison camp population to “as low as they can get,” even if it involves “a good deal of risk.” A list of detainees and where they will be sent could be released as soon as Friday.

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Although Obama has made closing Gitmo one of the goals of his administration, his plan to release its captives has come under attack. Western Journalism reported last month that past detainees freed by Obama have resumed their purported war against America.

“Obama is releasing the enemy that our veterans, our warriors fought hard to take off the battlefield and prevent them from ever hurting another American man or woman in uniform,” wrote former congressman Allen B. West.

“America, this is why the terrorists will keep attacking us, because we’re dismissing who they are and what they do,” West added. “As long as there are Islamic terrorists, there should be a Gitmo. And these cheeky fellas are not deserving of any constitutional rights. They’re not prisoners of war, so why are we so concerned about their wellbeing?”

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“So stand by America, some time while we’re in the season of celebrating God’s greatest gift to the world, Obama is releasing the greatest scourge on the world: unlawful Islamic enemy terrorists. I suppose that’s the way Barack Obama says Merry Christmas to America,” West concluded.

h/t: Allen B. West

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