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Revelation About New Terrorist Leader Strikes Massive Blow To Obama’s Longstanding Plan

One of the first executive orders that President Obama signed was Executive Order 13492 which ordered the closure of the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba detention camp (GITMO) where extremely dangerous members of al-Qaeda and other terrorists were housed. To date, the detention facility is still running and Obama’s executive order has not been fully fulfilled. That may be because the prisoners at the facility are considered a threat to national security and the military has been slow to release them, as 1 in 3 return to the jihadi battlefield to wage war against U.S. forces.

In May of 2014, the Obama administration traded five GITMO prisoners for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who the military later charged as an Army deserter. The highly criticized, and some say illegal, five for one deal appeared to some as a way that Obama showed his displeasure with his executive order remaining unfulfilled. The Obama administration failed to file a 30-day notice of the deal, violating the National Defense Authorization Act.

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Now, another former GITMO detainee has been seen in jihadi propaganda videos promoting individual and small cell jihad against the U.S. and other Western countries. Ibrahim Qosi was released from GITMO in 2010. Qosi was a part of a group of Osama Bin Ladin’s “Dirty 30” as the U.S. had identified him. He was arrested in Pakistan after fleeing Bora Bora and was sent to GITMO in 2001. After pleading guilty in a military court, he was released, having served 9 years as a prisoner in the facility.

While at GITMO, it was the determined by investigators that Qosi would reengage in hostilities toward the U.S. if he were ever released. The assessment appears to be correct as Qosi is now using his words to encourage other radical Islamic terrorists to engage in jihad against the United States. The Long War Journal reported that while detained in GITMO, Qosi said that it was his “religious duty to defend Islam and fulfill the obligation of jihad and that the war between America and al-Qaeda is a war between Islam and aggression of the infidels.”

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