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Stunning: A Famous Person Just Called For The Assassination Of Donald Trump

A rap artist is using his music to call for the assassination of businessman Donald Trump, who is leading the field of GOP candidates for president.

Rick Ross, who supports #BlackLivesMatter, raps in his latest song to “assassinate Trump like I’m Zimmerman,” referring to George Zimmerman who shot and killed black teenager Trayvon Martin in a controversial confrontation in Zimmerman’s white neighborhood.

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Ross’ song, Free Enterprise, also focuses on elitism and politics within the Democratic Party, but it’s the line about Trump that has stirred talk about the limits of artistic license. The song also features singer John Legend.

The rap video’s recent release also has some wondering if the Secret Service, who are now guarding the billionaire as he campaigns, will do anything about the threat. One commentator said he spoke with the Department of Justice and the official statement from the Attorney General’s office is “no comment.”

El Chapo, the head of a Mexican drug cartel, also threatened Trump and is being investigated by the FBI. The threat came after Trump started promoting tougher immigration standards and pointed to Joaquin “El Charpo” Guzman, who escaped from a maximum security prison, as a reason to increase immigration policies. El Chapo is one of the most well known drug cartels in Mexico and is reportedly responsible for approximately 25 percent of the illegal drugs that come to the United States from Mexico.

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