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This INSANE Leftist Meme On Guns, Obamacare Will Make You Want To Throw Up!


Apparently there is another left wing organization that enjoys making illogical memes that are easily ripped to shreds.

This latest one is beyond ridiculous.

Not only are they making a completely asinine comparison but they don’t even seem to GET what they are comparing.

So let’s have some fun.

Let’s start with the left side of this moronic little meme.


Gun ownership has increased to the point that an estimated 90 – 100 million people now have firearms yet the gun violence rate as steadily DECREASED during this time.

One can make the logical assumption that MORE GUNS = LESS CRIME. Therefore, if more people had firearms to protect themselves, there would be less crime and everyone would be safer.

Of course there are always outliers but the general rule has already been proven with our current statistic.

Now onto the right side of this moronic little meme.


Everyone actually already DOES have healthcare in the United States. There is not one person who doesn’t have access to healthcare, not one. Illegal aliens are even given free healthcare.

The problem is Obamacare and MANDATING everyone purchase health insurance.

This too has already proven to kill jobs, hurt businesses, hurt taxpayers and hurt the general economy overall.

On top of that, people who used to actually USE their health insurance for necessary care all the time AREN’T doing it because they can’t afford the ridiculous co-pays, out-of-pocket expenses and deductibles THANKS to Obamacare.

So indeed, once again we have statistical facts that prove Obamacare is hurting this country and if it continues, it could at least destroy our healthcare system as we know it.

Once again liberal logic has been exposed as a FRAUD.

Of course, liberals don’t use logic. That would require using their brains.

Kimberly Morin

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