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Trump Takes a Bite Out Of CNN Host – You HAVE to See THIS!

Donald Trump takes a bite out of CNN’s ‘New Day’ host Chris Cuomo when he questions him about calling for a “total and complete ban” on Muslims entering the United States.

The Donald told CNN that there is “no choice but to do exactly what I said until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.”

“We have a problem in this country,” Trump argued to “New Day” host Chris Cuomo. “You look at Paris, you look at the carnage that took place in Paris. Paris has a tremendous amount of problems. They have areas in Paris that have been radicalized where the police refuse to go in and look at it.”

And when Cuomo argued with Trump that his statements seemed “as though you’re acting out of fear, not making us look strong,” Trump denied his statements.

“I’m making us look strong,” said Trump. “Paris is under tremendous siege. They are absolutely in fear in Paris. Don’t tell me Paris is not.”

But he insisted he’s only talking about a temporary situation until the United States’ representatives know what’s going on.

“We had World Trade Center number one, we had World Trade Center number two, we had many other things happen,” said Trump. “Then the other day we had the California attack where these two animals, total animals, they became radicalized and wanted to do far more damage than that.

“What’s even more disturbing in terms of looking at the future, other people knew what they were doing. There were pipe bombs laying all over the floor. They had other people who knew what was going on, Chris, and nobody reported it.”

There were neighbors who said they did not want to racially profile the attackers, said Trump, as they wanted to be politically correct.

“The people that said that, I think, in their own way they’re guilty,” said Trump. “The mother knew, the parents knew. Everybody knew. Now even his father is under watch. They just found out.”

Cuomo tried to come back by pointing out that there has not been another major attack since 9/11, and the United States’ security network has held up, and said he does not understand how banning a religion says anything “other than we are what ISIS says we are.”

“We are at war with radical Islamic terrorism,” Trump retorted. “We have a president that made a fool out of himself the other night. He doesn’t even mention the term. He refuses to use the term. Nobody understands why. Hillary Clinton, because she’s afraid of the president, because of her e-mail scandal, Hillary Clinton refuses to use the term.”

This is precisely the issue with America today. No one will say the things that Trump is thinking and doing. Everyone is too afraid to ‘offend’ someone or ‘not be inclusive’. My question is, who cares? Why are we allowing America to be complacent?

Trump may not always be right in the things that he says, but hell, I’ll take that over Obama and his golf obsession ANY day of the week.

Written by Katie McGuire. Send your hate mail to the author at, or feel free to mean tweet me at @GOPKatie, where I will be sure to do very little about it.

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