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US Special Forces Carry Out New Daring Raid Against ISIS In Northern Iraq

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American Special Forces together with Kurdish Peshmerga fighters carried out a daring raid against the Islamic State in the town of Riyadh in northern Iraq on Christmas Eve. The combined forces stormed an ISIS base reportedly to free Kurdish fighters who were held in a prison of an Islamic State court in the town.

Brigadier Sarhad Qadir of the Kirkuk police told the Kurdish news outlet Rudaw that at 11:00 pm Friday night “Kurdish commandos backed by American special forces stormed an ISIS court in the town of Riyadh east of Hawija where they killed a number of militants in the ensuing firefight.”

The police officer added that the local commander of Islamic State Hussein Umair Assafi had been killed by the Kurdish American forces and that other ISIS terrorists were captured during the raid.

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Rudaw reported that the commando’s arrived at the ISIS base by helicopters and that more information on the operation would be released soon. One U.S. soldier was reportedly killed during the operation. Western Journalism was not able to verify the death of the soldier independently.

This was the second time this year U.S. Special Forces and the Peshmerga militia stormed an ISIS-held prison to free inmates. Last October we reported that U.S. Special Forces had stormed a jail in Hawija a town that is located in the same area as Riyadh. Seventy prisoners who were waiting to be executed by the Islamic State were freed during that operation.

The Kurds in northern Iraq and Syria have been very successful in the battle against the Islamic State this year. The think tank IHS reported last week that the Kurdish YPG in Syria expanded its control over Syrian territory to around 186% over the last year. The Islamic State lost around 14% of the territories under its control in Syria and Iraq, according to the think tank.

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