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Video: Fox News Host’s 1 Sentence About Obama And Paul Ryan Shows How Crazy Things Are

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Paul Ryan, as the newly elected Speaker of the House, angered many in his own party when he led the charge to help pass the omnibus trillion dollar spending bill last week. This latest move apparently gained him some friends, as well.

Fox News host Eric Shawn mocked Ryan’s chummy relationship with the Obama saying, “Is there a change in the atmosphere in Washington? The president has now invited Speaker Ryan to share a meal with him at the White House in the New Year. But, you know, a real sign of progress will come if they start working out together in the White House gym.”

Republicans have been pushing to defund Planned Parenthood, and to halt Obama’s Syrian refugee resettlement program, but the omnibus bill did neither.

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In a video segment that Shawn was hosting, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were seen criticizing the passage of the bill and Ryan’s weak leadership on the issues. Cruz said, “This is a trillion dollar deal, thousands of pages cut in the dark of night.  It funds all of Obamacare. It funds all of executive amnesty. It funds all of Planned Parenthood. It does nothing to stop this catastrophic Iranian nuclear deal.” Rubio said, “Planned Parenthood still gets their money. Sanctuary cities still get their money. … It’s part of that whole out of touch thing that I talked about. … What planet are you guys living on?”

Brian Darling of the Conservative Review said that the motivation for working with Democrats on the massive spending bill was so the Republican party would not be seen as one whose inaction shut down the government. Darling believes that Ryan is just patronizing his Republican colleagues, believing the election in November of 2016 is too important to risk.

Darling wrote, “It appears that Speaker Ryan has scheduled some head pat sessions where he can let conservatives argue for conservative policy, before patting them on the head and ignoring their advice. If conservatives fall for the ‘Head Pat’ strategy, they are fools. Speaker Ryan promised conservatives regular order and a new way of doing business in Washington. The early results are underwhelming.”

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