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Watch: After Obama Uttered These 6 Words, Fox News Put Him Through The Wringer

President Obama’s self-congratulating assessment that “we are hitting (ISIS) harder than ever” brought rounds of derision from the hosts of the Fox News show Outnumbered.

Obama assured Americans Monday that the current strategy is working, but offered no new plans as he kicked off a week of White House events aimed at showing the president taking a strong position on ISIS and against terrorism.

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The Outumbered hosts weren’t buying it.

“Frankly, I don’t care what he just said. Because everything that he is doing runs counter to what we should be doing to counter radical Islamic jihadism,” said Andrea Tantaros. She added a tweet making her displeasure clear. “Before we see photos of him in mom jeans, biking & eating shaved ice in Hawaii Obama gave today’s press conf to pretend he cares abt terror.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano called Obama’s praise for his own policy “a politically tone-deaf pre-Christmas public relations measure that in this instance satisfy no one but himself.”

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Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky “profoundly” agreed with the “tone-deaf” assessment.

“He did not once address how to prevent more San Bernardinos. He did not once address the concerns that Americans have this holiday season … He should have acknowledged the concerns people have at home,” she said. “What I think people want to hear … is that they have a right to be concerned, and that he understands their concern and feels their pain.”

The biggest flaw in Obama’s plan is there really isn’t one, writes Trudy Rubin on the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“A big part of Obama’s problem is that he is selling an incoherent plan,” she wrote, noting that his recent Oval Office speech “merely tweaked a flailing Mideast policy and called for the public to be patient.”

“But he never explained why coalition air strikes in Syria and Iraq would work now, when they have proved inadequate so far; there is still no effective Sunni Arab fighting force on the ground to call in targets or take advantage of U.S. air power. Nor did Obama explain how sending 50, or 150, more U.S. Special Forces can remedy the lack of Sunni ground troops. (America’s Kurdish allies cannot and will not vanquish Islamic State on their own.),” Rubin wrote.

“Moreover, the president still rejects any criticism of his refusal to help Syrian moderate fighting groups in 2012 (when they existed) or to arm Iraqi Sunni tribesmen eager to fight Islamic State. This creates a gaping hole in his policy that the public grasps,” she concluded.

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