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Watch: Guest Says One Thing About Hillary CNN Hates So Much They End The Interview- “We’re Done!”

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A conservative commentator who said the outrage over Donald Trump’s recent comments about Hillary Clinton is “hypocritical pearl-clutching nonsense” had his interview cut short when he reminded his CNN interviewer about the moral standard that was present in the days of the Clinton White House.

Don Lemon of CNN cut short the commentary by Kurt Schlicter when Schlicter moved the conversation from Trump’ commentary to former President Bill Clinton’s White House affair.

Lemon asked Schlichter whether it was “appropriate” for Trump to say Obama “schlonged” Hillary Clinton.

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“Don, it’s going to take a lot more for me to get upset at a woman who enabled a guy who turned the Oval Office into a frat house,” said Schlicter, referencing Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky

“You know, I just don’t care. I so don’t care,” Schlichter insisted. “I would need Steven Hawking to find the theoretical limit of how little I care about Donald Trump’s silly jokes.”

After some back and forth, Lemon asked, “Have you ever heard a presidential candidate say things like this?”

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“No, but I know of a president who, well, turned his intern into a humidor, so I think we set the standard a little lower than Donald Trump has even approached,” Schlichter said.

Lemon asked, “So my question to you, without mentioning the Clinton’s and Bill Clinton … which has already been litigated and relitigated on its own merits. Donald Trump’s statements on the campaign trail– you don’t think it’s fair that the media should be covering it?”

“Well, I don’t think it’s unfair,” Schlichter said. “I just think it’s silly. Look, he’s running against Hillary Clinton. He’s running against a sexual harasser and an abuser’s enabler. So again, I don’t know why we’re not talking about that. You know, it has been litigated. You’re right about that. The Clinton’s were found guilty!”

Lemon insisted that Bill Clinton’s actions were unrelated to Mrs. Clinton.

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“I would like to bring Hillary Clinton’s actions into it,” Schlichter said. “When she was given the choice about standing with a serial sexual abuser and with women who are being violated, she chose to stand with her husband, a serial sexual harasser.”

Lemon tried without much success to talk over Schlicter.

“This is the lowest of the low,” Lemon said. “And it has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. It is just a cheap shot — can you please stop, can we stop, can we cut him off, please? We’re done.”

The interview was then cut and CNN went to a commercial break.

h/t: Mediaite

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