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Watch: Lib News Says Leaked Audio Could ‘Mean Trouble’ For Ted Cruz – Then MSNBC Drops A Bombshell

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Left-leaning news site Politico has been reporting on what it believes are bombshell claims about abortion made behind closed doors by conservative GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz. MSNBC, another news outlet accused of a leftist bias, has news that Politico may not want to hear.

In a story ominously titled, “What Ted Cruz said behind closed doors,” Politico reported on Wednesday that it had uncovered audio of what Cruz said to a group of donors at a recent Manhattan fundraiser.

The online publication tried to fan the flames of controversy by claiming that following this summer’s Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, Cruz said the gay marriage issue would be “front and center” in his 2016 campaign. But, as Politico reports, Cruz seemed to soften that stance a bit in front of a Manhattan crowd by saying that the states should handle the issue individually.

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Soon after the story surfaced, however, an MSNBC commentator literally shrugged his shoulders at what Politico thought was a bombshell expose.

As The Blaze reports, the Politico story was brought up on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and the panelists seemed to think it was much ado about nothing.

“Mike, as we listen to this, I think we all shrugged a little bit,” panelist Willie Geist said. “I think he was just talking broadly there about defending the Constitution, which is something he has said consistently.”

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Even Politico’s Mike Allen seemed to backpedal a bit on his employer’s claims.

“What we’re hearing here is him navigating a very different crowd,” Allen said. “This is a fundraiser in midtown Manhattan at the Sullivan and Cromwell law firm, and someone there says, ‘I’m against your view on gay marriage; it’s the one place we differ. Is it a top three priority for you?’ And Senator Cruz says ‘no’ and then gives what he’s always said about referring it to the states. So, we see the senator navigating a crowd that is not entirely friendly in a different tone volume than we’re used to seeing on the stump.”

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