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WATCH: This Hollywood Star Was Just Caught Saying 8 Words About Obama That Could Cost Him

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Actor, comedian, and former Saturday Night Live cast member David Spade has made the New York Times’ best sellers list for his book Almost Interesting. Best known for his starring roles in movies like Joe Dirt and Tommy Boy, and as Dennis Finch on the series Just Shoot Me, Spade is now making headlines for his criticism of President Obama for appearing on the reality show, Running Wild with Bear Grylls. The episode aired December 17.

A few days before the episode aired, Spade tweeted, “Why is Obama on Bear Grills trying to survive in the tundra? Isn’t the idea to keep the prez alive? And why is he on a reality show? Wtf?”


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TMZ caught up with Spade to inquire about his comments on Twitter. Spade explained, “I criticized Obama because I thought, you know, a president should have a little more dignity. I mean, I realize that Woodrow Wilson went on Dancing with the Stars once. But what president is doing reality shows? It just sounds weird to me. It’s just too much. I think that Michelle Obama is on Ellen more than I am, I mean, what first lady…? It’s just a new world. It’s just I’m not used to it. And they’re out. It just seems a bit thirsty for me that’s all. I think they’re going to do fine, but they’re just sort of plotting after the White House. Like he’s (Obama) on GQ, I’m like, leave that to Bradley Cooper you don’t need to go. The president you’re above all of us. You’re above stars, you’re above everything.”

Spade finished up with TMZ by intimating that perhaps Obama is doing all that so that he can later host the MTV awards after his stint in the White House is over. Spade concluded by saying, “All right guy (Obama), relax, you got it.”

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