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Obama Releasing First Of 17 Gitmo Terrorists In Jan., Because They’re ALL BETTER NOW


The release of terrorists from Gitmo rolls on, providing the world with a constant stream of angry, radical extremists to plot against Western Civilization.

The Obama Administration will release 17 this month, reducing the number of Gitmo prisoners to 90.

Of the 90, many of them will likely be set free with parole board hearings scheduled all month.

The latest up for release is Haji Hamidullah. His parole hearing is set for Jan. 12.

Pentagon announces 1st #Guantanamo parole board hearing of 2016: Forever prisoner Haji Hamidullah on Jan. 12. #PRB

— Carol Rosenberg (@carolrosenberg) December 23, 2015

Hamidullah is listed as a “high value” and “high risk” target by the Defense Department.

Back in 2008, he was listed as “one of the most significant former Afghan HIG members detained” at Guantanamo because of his extensive involvement in anti-Coalition activities.

From the assessment:

“Detainee is one of the most significant former Afghan HIG members detained at JTF-GTMO.  Detainee’s placement and access provided him with knowledge of many of the key individuals, decisions, and activities during HIG’s tenure as enemies of Soviet forces, the Taliban government, aggressors against the new Afghan government, the US, and Coalition forces.  Detainee has specific information on the HIG, including intimate biographical data of its leaders and the hierarchical networks of the organization.  Detainee has specific information relating to several extremist organizations’ support to the HIG.  Detainee probably has information on Russian and Iranian support to HIG and the Taliban efforts against the Karzai Afghan government.  Detainee probably has significant information on HIG, Taliban, and al-Qaida personnel still active today.”
So what did this guy do? Here’s just a small portion of this terrorist’s resume:

“In early October 2002, detainee attempted to smuggle US-made man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS) into the region surrounding Kabul International Airport.  Detainee attempted to recruit a HIG member to transport the missiles to the airport for an attack against Hamid Karzai’s presidential aircraft.24(S//NF) In late October 2002, detainee planned attacks against US helicopters using multiple Chinese MANPADS acquired by Hekmatyar.  Detainee searched for new recruits to train on the new Chinese version, which was reportedly more accurate than HN-5 MANPADS purchased by Usama Bin Laden (UBL).25  (Analyst Note:  It is unknown if the attack against the US helicopters and the attack against Karzai’s aircraft were planned to occur at the same time, although it is possible the target was switched to the US helicopters based on unknown obstacles preventing completion of the original plan.)”
The report on Hamidullah is 12 pages long, so his activities are pretty extensive.

So this terrorist is “high-risk” and “high-value.”

And Barack Obama is going to let him go.


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