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Obama’s Nuke Deal Has Only Heightened Iranian Aggression

President Barack Obama touted his shoddy nuclear deal with Iran as a historic achievement that would lead the rogue nation toning down its military aggression.

Judging by recent evidence, he was completely wrong, as usual.

The Wall Street Journal explained that Iran has already violated the nuclear deal twice by conducting illegal ballistic-missile tests.

Then this week when the White House announced that it might impose new sanctions in response to these violations, Iran had the nerve to turn around and slap us in the face:

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani responded to the sanctions reports on Thursday by ordering his defense minister to accelerate Iran’s missile program. Your move, Mr. Obama.

Just like critics of the deal predicted, the deal has wound up coming back to bite us in the butt:

If the U.S. takes tough action in response to Iran’s missile tests or other military provocations, Iran can threaten to stop abiding by the nuclear deal. It knows the world has no appetite for restoring serious sanctions, and that Mr. Obama will never admit his deal is failing. The mullahs view the accord as a license to become more militarily aggressive.

Speaking of which, earlier this week U.S. Central Command revealed “that Iranian Revolutionary Guard vessels” had illegally fired a flurry of rockets that landed within 1,500 yards of one of our aircraft carriers.

They reportedly did this to stop the carrier from slipping into the Strait of Hormuz, which for the record it had every right in the world to enter.

Not surprisingly, the White House and its pals in the liberal mainstream media have tried to blame this aggression on the “hard-liners” in Iran, as if seemingly unaware that Iran’s leaders themselves ARE the hard-liners!

At the end of the day, Obama can try to twist the truth any which way he wants, but it is already very obvious to the rest of the world that the rogue nation of Iran, one of the leading sponsors of radical Islamic terrorism, has him wrapped around its greasy little fingers.

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