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Breaking: Congress To REPEAL And REPLACE Obamacare

 Editor:  There is ZERO Constitutional Authority for the Federal government to be involved with HEALTHCARE.  This “Repeal & Replace” will be the same thing Tennessee has done with Common Core, the same old thing with a brand new NAME.  If it isn’t listed in the Constitution they should not be doing it.  Please call your House Rep and say you know the truth and they best start acting like the Constitution matters, after all is as THIS IS AN ELECTION YEAR.

Article VI Clause 2

Article VI Clause 2

Upon returning from vacation this Tuesday, the GOP-led Congress plans to vote on a bill to repeal Obamacare that the Senate already passed prior to the holidays. Moreover, according to Fox News, House Speaker Paul Ryan plans to follow this up by unveiling a replacement plan.

For all of the GOP’s Sturm und Drang about ObamaCare, neither the House nor the Senate has ever debated a bill that attempts to succeed the law. The reason is that nobody has crafted a plan that would pass in either chamber …

But with Ryan now at the helm in the House and the GOP controlling the Senate, this may be one of the few chances the party has to come together around a bill which would replace the six-year-old law.

This comes as a major shocker, but yes, it appears that the very man who sold us out last month by passing the president’s $1.1 trillion omnibus bill now wants to make up for his past errors by sticking it to Obama.

Mind you, the chances of Obama actually signing a set of repeal and replace bills is zilch, but still, the message it would send if Congress were to pass such a bill would be monumental.
It would be even more relevant when Obama rejects the bill, because it would tell Americans that he doesn’t give a hoot about their disapproval of his signature legislation — thus proving without a shred of doubt what we conservatives have been saying from the very beginning: Democrats do not care about Americans!

Regardless, the vote should go down on either Tuesday or Wednesday, and congressional Republicans would do wise to vote in favor of it!

*fingers crossed*

H/T The Political Insider

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