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Our resolution every year: no king but Jesus

By Alan Keyes

The new year, 2016, promises to be a fateful one for America. Constitutional government, delimited by respect for the God-bespoken affidavits of right encoded in human nature, teeters on the brink of whimpering dissolution. Such are the “unalienable rights” respecting which America’s founders took their painstaking stand for the independence of the people of the United States. These rights are inseparable from humanity, lest it become a stranger to itself. But now the American people are estranged from their God-endowed estate of liberty. Instead of representatives, they ponder which masterful charlatans will fill the bill for their election, well knowing that, whoever wins the night, no murmured promise will outlive their party’s cheers. As per Pelosi’s dream: Elections do not matter that much.

But at least we are a people not cheaply for sale, no indeed! The price we get will be the price we pay. Like gamblers on a cast, our citizen’s occupation gone, we shall lose all upon the overthrow of liberty.

Obama’s tenure in the White House has produced harbingers of this overthrow, concrete and unmistakable. In light of his high crimes and misdemeanors, anger seethes, hungry to sup upon itself, like the ancient Romans’ mother of shrewdly discarded valor. But like Volumnia, this people “shall starve with feeding.” The Trump now sounds, ostensibly to call down banishment, death, and curses upon all our enemies. Yet this he means to do by means that further confirm Obama’s minted harbingers of chains, taking for precedent what he should undo.

The one whose very name promises to secure the gift of God, delivered on the cross, makes shift instead to tout anew the people’s self-degrading willfulness. Like Stephen Douglas, once Lincoln’s bane, he cares not whether God’s rule for right is voted up or down, so long as it exalts the people’s will. But how can the people’s sovereignty be maintained when the authority from which it rises is disavowed and, being thus discharged, is cut off from supplying lawfulness to power. The people raised to power by reason’s rule must fall from thence once it is made the fool.

With only such stars as these upon the rise, no wonder liberty must fall. People relying on this political astrology fail to recall that once Caesar was slain, Caesar rose up to power again, though with another’s name. And Roman liberty lost its life. Americans should be proof against this sham, seeing behind the mask the worldly despots’ plan. They should as well be proof against the lure of proffered safety or largesse, by lawless means secured. We should not think to barter rightful liberty for lawless safety. We did not when we took our stand behind the Joshua who was Heaven-sent to set not one, but all the nations free. Acknowledging only one as our despot and Lord (Jude 4), America’s people of goodwill sought safety first in the kingdom of God within.

We had the courage then to know that ambitious promises of power are not our liberty’s first…

 if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.


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