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Shocking Thing Just Exposed About 17 Prisoners Obama Is Releasing From Gitmo He Didn’t Want Public

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The Obama administration has notified Congress that it plans to transfer 17 detainees from Guantanamo Bay–and they could be released as early as this week.

One source who reviewed the list spoke to Fox News and said that the list contains “multiple bad guys” and “al Qaeda followers.”

He said that the list includes “multiple bad guys… not taxi drivers and cooks.”

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The source also told Fox News that the administration is keeping the identity of the men secret until they have moved to their home countries–in the hopes of preventing controversy prior to their release.

Multiple countries will be taking in the men in small groups; and according to the source, some of the countries will be first-timers, meaning they have never taken in Guantanamo detainees before.

After the 17 detainees are shipped out of Guantanamo, there will be 90 prisoners remaining–the bulk of whom cannot be transferred to a different country.

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President Barack Obama claimed in a year-end press conference that “Guantanamo continues to be one of the key magnets for jihadi recruitment.”

However, the Middle East Media Research Institute’s Eliot Zweig said: “The topic of Guantanamo prisoners appeared rather frequently in Al-Qaeda’s propaganda in past years. However, the topic has received little to no attention in the last year or two … Gitmo hasn’t received much attention in official ISIS releases.”

One Guantanamo Bay detainee, Ibrahim al Qosi (who was released in 2012), now serves as part of Al-Qaeda’s leadership in Yemen.

Obama hopes to close the Guantanamo Bay facility before he leaves office in a little over a year.

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