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The silent issue for 2016: shall the Constitution literally die?

By Wes Vernon

Though 2016 is the year we pick our next president, Americans also have good reason to approach that all-important event with another year in mind…2020.

Why? Because that is the year in which the very existence of our nation could very well be decided – possibly in any form other than its name, according to plans now carefully and quietly in the making.

Think The Constitution 2020, an actual gathering planned by a Who’s Who of left-oriented intellectual elites, seemingly hell-bent on discarding disingenuous claims of honoring any “living, breathing” Constitution, while coming close to saying in so many words – Let’s just trash the whole thing and start all over and get it “revised” or “amended” by 2020.

If you wonder why you may not have previously heard about this, consider the fact that the media, to put it mildly, have not exactly provided us with screaming headlines on plans for so nation-changing an event. So here are the facts; judge for yourself:

Killing the Constitution?

There is a real plan, funded by real money to bring about a real convention to “amend” the one and only Constitution of these United States of America. It is no figment of one’s imagination.

Didn’t know that?

Of course, there’s nothing inherently insidious about amending the Constitution. In fact, that very document itself provides for the amending process, but with a methodology that guards our freedom. Amending the U.S. Constitution requires a two-thirds vote in the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate, or “on the Application of the legislatures of two-thirds of the several States.” After Congress deals with it, the issue in its final form then goes to the states for a three-fourths final ratification vote in order to make the amendment the “law of the land” and part of our Constitution. As Article V provides, ratification can be done “by the Legislatures of three-fourths of the Several States or by Conventions in three-fourths thereof….” That bears no meaningful resemblance to what The Constitution 2020 has in mind.

Did you notice?

The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they left the President of the United States officially out of the amendment process. The movement can originate in the states or in the congressional super-majorities. The legislators closest to the people render the ultimate decision. “We the People” again decide.

How charmingly American. The president can have all the pens and all the phones he wants (the latter, of course, unavailable in the 18th century; but in any century, the Constitution makes him a spectator). How deliciously appropriate for a president who delights in ignoring Congress at will. It does assume, though, a Congress with the fortitude to strike back at a chief executive who fails to honor his constitutional limitations. (Unfortunately, at the moment, that’s another issue, outlined many times here and elsewhere – hopefully someday to be resolved in our favor because we may soon lose that option.)

The point is there is a constitutionally-approved route for making changes in our governance document, and it…

 if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.


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