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VIDEO: Watch Former Obama Groupie’s Epic Rant, Light Her Clothes On Fire In Protest

A former Barack Obama “groupie” is so disillusioned with her former savior, she’s burned her Obama shirt in protest.

In a YouTube video (below), she tells viewers she was once one of Barack’s most “hysterical supporters,” but Carey Wedler tells us that she now sees the president in a different light.

The video is titled “Why I’m Burning My Last Bridge With Obama.” She’s wearing the “Obama is my Homeboy” shirt she wore on the night he was elected in 2008.

“In 2008, I was actually one of your most hysterical supporters,” she said. “Like a lot of Obama supporters, I held back for the next couple of years and figured I’d let you handle all that ‘change’ because you were the one who was selling it anyway.”

Then, she said, she decided to check what was going on in the world and found out – she says – that Obama had the same policies of George W. Bush – the president she says she “vitriolically opposed” in the past.

From starting wars, to appeasing Iran to extending the Patriot Act, it’s a well-thought-out explanation of her opposition to the current “commander in chief.”

To be clear, Wedler has been opposing Obama for some time. She did used to support him, but her attacks come from the left – she hasn’t made a political shift to conservatism.

Still, it shows how once-ardent supporters of Obama – and by default Hillary Clinton – have become disillusioned with their agenda.

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