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AG Loretta Lynch Is Coming After Our Guns

Editor:  The SOLUTION to this and all Obama “Executive Actions” is IMPEACHMENT.   Impeaching Obama will take out Hillary Clinton and MANY in the administration as well as Congress.  That is WHY there is so much resistance from the establishment controlling Congress.  The truth however is Obama is the MOST IMPEACHABLE PRESIDENT OF ALL TIME.  Congress KNOWS IT.  Impeachment could very well unravel the largest part of the establishment house of cards and leave in it’s wake the understanding that WE THE PEOPLE  will hold them accountable.  There is no undertaking we as a people can take that would do any where near as much to restore our Constitution Republic.  Learn what you need to do to help the process.  The game plan is already established.   Well written and documented Articles of Impeachment have already been written.  All that is required is for WE THE PEOPLE to demand it in no uncertain terms.  [Click HERE to learn HOW.]



President Obama met with his Attorney General – Loretta Lynch (Eric Holder 2.0) – on Monday to discuss how he might circumvent the 2nd Amendment and further restrict gun ownership in America.

Now, AG Lynch has explained just how she’s going to get America’s guns.  Breitbart has the details:

“We will be looking for those individuals who seek to avoid registering,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch told reporters following a Jan. 4 meeting with President Obama regarding executive gun control.

Lynch was referencing the portion of Obama’s pending executive-action gun-control measure that will require gun-sellers to register as federally licensed gun dealers if they meet criteria demonstrating they are “engaged in the business of dealing in firearms.”

This language also means that private sellers registered as federally licensed dealers will have to perform a background check on every sale.

One problem is that the White House executive action fact sheet does not present any numerical minimum on the number of sales that a private seller must conduct before he is considered to be “engaged in the business of dealing in firearms.”

Rather, it indicates a private seller can be considered to be “engaged in the business of selling firearms” regardless of the location from which she sells, the frequency with which he sells, or the number of guns she sells.

In light of this, CBS News reports that Attorney General Loretta Lynch is making it known that the ATF will be watching and looking for private sellers who “seek to avoid registering” as being “engaged in the business of selling firearms.”

Lynch stressed that an “exception” remains for “the hobbyist and collector,” but the executive order means private sellers cannot continue to “hide behind that [exception].”

Translation:  “We will use this new executive order to mean whatever we want it to mean when we come for your guns.”

By keeping the order vague, it gives the Justice Dept. the “wiggle room” it needs to justify any move against gun owners it wishes.

This also means that the government can swoop in on any private individual who seeks to sell a weapon to someone else, even a relative.

Obviously, these “imperial edicts” must not stand.  Judicial Watch, the public advocacy law organization has threatened to sue to stop the President’s unconstitutional overreach here.

We can also expect lawsuits from the NRA and other gun owners’ groups.

How this will all play out over the next few months is anyone’s guess, but given Obama’s penchant for disregarding the law when it interferes with his agenda, things might get ugly before they get better.

In the meantime, look for gun sales to continue to skyrocket and membership in groups like the NRA to balloon.

Along with illegal immigration and radical Islamic terrorism, the 2nd Amendment will now be a major issue in the 2016 Presidential election.

 if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.
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