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Brutal Meme Perfectly Illustrates Obama’s Hypocrisy On “Gun Control”

I have come to the conclusion that Obama either thinks we are about as clever as a bag of rocks, or that we have the attention spans of gnats, neither of which I find complimentary.

Pay close attention to this meme that perfectly illustrates Obama’s flip-flopping on gun issues – AND his blatant racism.

Seriously? I don’t know about you. but I am awfully tired of the same old garbage that Obama spews. Why does he think that no one notices what he says and does? He is POTUS, for God’s sake! Does the man think he is the proverbial Emperor with new clothes? Perhaps he fancies himself to have a cloak of invisibility? Get it together, Obama.

Yes, shootings are sad. The lives lost can never be replaced. The thing is that this is NOT a gun issue. There is nothing stopping someone who wants to commit a crime from doing so. I mean, murder is ILLEGAL. This is widely known. I don’t think attaching jail time to murder stopped anyone who really wanted to kill someone – or at least from trying. Criminals don’t tend to follow laws very well, FYI.

It is a sad but historical fact that neither race-motivated terrorism nor mass shootings are new to the United States. Thankfully, both are rare in a country with hundreds of millions of guns and hundreds of millions of people. The rare exception to the rule seems to be the absolute that liberals like to cling to like a raft on a storm, unfortunately.

Obama is the worst of the bunch. The glaring discrimination and his ability to move the facts around to suit his different needs are disturbing to say the absolute least.

Quit playing the race card, Obama. I think we are all done with that little game.

What we have is a President problem, not a racism or gun control problem. At least the current thorn in our side will be eradicated January 20, 2017 – and it cannot come soon enough.

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