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Newsweek Senior Writer Compares this GOP Candidate to Hitler; Twitter Responds

The fledgling magazine Newsweek has not hidden its far-left bias and hatred of Republicans. They have shown time and again that they are sick Obama sycophants even going so far as to declare a reportedly straight man, Obama, as America’s first homosexual president. Their cover was complete with a rainbow halo over Obama’s head.

The publication claims in its ‘about us‘ section of their website that they are “a premier news magazine and website, bringing high-quality journalism to readers around the globe for over 80 years.” Nowhere does it admit its progressive leanings and obvious membership in the Democrat Media Complex. But, one of their senior writers let the cat out of the bag with a tweet early Wednesday morning.

If there’s one presidential candidate the left loathes, it’s Texas Senator and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Why do they loathe Cruz? In part, because he believes in the Constitution and has fought fervently for the Constitution, including winning arguments in defense of the First and Second Amendments, the top two constitutional elements the left loves to attack, before the Supreme Court as Solicitor General of Texas.

To them, this makes Cruz a radical, while avowed socialist Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont and Democrat presidential candidate, is seen as a moderate.

On Wednesday morning, Newsweek senior writer Alexander Nazaryan tweeted a picture in which he basically called Ted Cruz Hitler. Though he deleted the tweet, Mike Miller, contributing editor for Independent Journal and co-host of The Right Mics with Mike Miller and Michael Hausam, took a screenshot before Nazaryan was able to take the tweet down.

Cruz is leading in Iowa and has been praised by many political pundits on both the left and the right sides of the aisle as having the best ground game. That obviously doesn’t sit well with Newsweek’s Nazaryan who then decided to up the ante in the attacks on the constitutional conservative Ted Cruz.

Nazaryan admitted on Twitter that the tweet existed and said why he chose to remove it.

I deleted my tweet calling Ted Cruz a Nazi. Not fair to his totally decent supporters, as much as I dislike the man himself.

— Alexander Nazaryan (@alexnazaryan) January 6, 2016

But, the Twitterverse weighed in quickly calling him out for his disgusting comparison.

@alexnazaryan to clarify, he’s still a nazi to you but you don’t want to upset his “totally decent supporters,” yes? So, not an apology.

— Jon SXSW (@SXSWUTLOL) January 6, 2016

.@alexnazaryan Hitler was an anti-Zionist vegetarian failed artist urban hipster with ironic facial hair. — David Burge (@iowahawkblog) January 6, 2016

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@alexnazaryan no matter how extreme you think republicans may be, non of them have a program to systemically execute an entire ethnic group

— dat purp in yo cup (@grip_n_sipp) January 6, 2016

.@alexnazaryan Twitter is forever, cupcake. @Newsweek should be ashamed of itself. — Holy Moly Christian (@MarxistsSuck)…

 if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.


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