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Repub Sen. Just Revealed Which 2016 Candidate He ‘Supports’ – I Doubt Anyone Expected This

Editor:  If you were still unsure as to whether it really is two legs of the same pair of pants establishment PARTY this should help.  Time to make a choice:  Big Tent Party or Big Principles.  You can’t have both.

End One Party Tyranny

End One Party Tyranny

Vermont’s self-professed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders has had a lot of trouble getting endorsements, especially from his colleagues in the U.S. Senate. This week, Sanders finally got another senator’s endorsement, but odds are it’s one he won’t be happy about.

Conservative Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton came out this week as a Sanders supporter, but maybe not in the way that Sanders would appreciate.

Cotton offered a sort of tongue-in-cheek endorsement of Sanders saying that he couldn’t imagine a better candidate to represent the Democrats for 2016.

“For many months, I’ve been strongly in favor of Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary,” Cotton joked on a broadcast of “Arkansas Week: Special Edition.”

As CNN notes, Cotton’s playful endorsement serves as the only voice of support among the Democrat candidate’s colleagues.

Of the 44 Democrat senators, 38 have already come out full force with endorsements of Hillary Clinton while the rest have made no endorsements at all.

Still, it is more than clear that Cotton would only be happy to see Sanders win the Democrat nomination because he thinks Sanders would be easy to beat.

CNN also noted that Cotton has slammed Sanders in the past, saying Sanders “espouses the economic theory of communism, a political system that caused the deaths of tens of millions of people in the 20th century.”

While certainly joking about Sanders, Cotton was coy about whom he really supports. And in that, he is in good standing with the bulk of the GOP caucus in the Senate.

Not too many Republican senators have made a choice yet in this primary cycle. Not even Jeb Bush, the presumed establishment favorite, has racked up too many supporters in the upper chamber. So far, only three sitting senators have endorsed Bush.

As to others, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio picked up three GOP senators, while former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee was favored by two. Sen. Rand Paul also secured the support of fellow Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell, the majority leader. Before he left the race, Sen. Lindsey Graham picked up the support of John McCain of Arizona.

With only 10 of the 54 GOP Senators announcing a favorite, these few commitments show that most Republican senators are not ready to endorse anyone yet.

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