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Tenn. Representative Tells Obama He Can ‘Shove’ His Gun Control

It’s safe to say there are millions of people who are angered by President Obama’s recent proposal to unilaterally enact gun control measures. One man, however, had some choice words for Obama.

Tennessee State Representative Andy Holt said what we were all thinking when he wrote President Obama a scathing letter about his executive order on gun control.

In the letter, Holt cited Federalist Paper #46 where James Madison said that the States have the power to contest the federal government via legislation. He subsequently referenced HB1341, a policy that prevents the State from enforcing federal gun control measures.

Holt also made it clear that it doesn’t matter whether the actions taken by the President are Constitutional or not, because he doesn’t have the power to mandate States enforce federal law.

“If the feds want to enforce the law, then they can come here and do it themselves,” he said.

After telling Obama that he can “take your gun control and shove it,” Holt closed out his letter with “#MolonLabe,” a Greek expression meaning “come and take them.”

Rep. Holt had previously made headlines when he introduced an “ag-gag” bill which mandated that anyone who took videos or photos of cruelty against livestock to turn over the unedited evidence to law enforcement, and turn themselves in. Failure to comply with this law would be a class C misdemeanor, punishable by fine.

He debated the issue on Twitter with country singer Carrie Underwood, whom he told to “stick to singing.”

Gov. Bill Haslam vetoed the bill.

Do you agree with Rep. Holt that Obama is better off not signing the executive order?

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