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Ben Carson Reveals the Conditions That Would Cause Him to Drop Out

Dr. Ben Carson, a non-politician who has been in the top four of a very crowded GOP field — an amazing feat considering the plethora of professional politicians in the race, was interviewed by Steve Malzberg of Newsmax TV on Thursday and gave an honest assessment of his presidential chances and what it would take for him to stay in, and drop out of the race.

“Well, I think we need to do very well in Iowa. And I think you need to do well in two of the first four states. And if that happens the pathway become much clearer,” Carson told Malzberg.

“And when you say do well, are you talking about the top three, top two, winning,” Malzberg asked.

“Top three,” Carson answered, indicating he would drop out of the race if he didn’t place in the top three in Iowa (Feb. 1), New Hampshire (Feb. 9), and South Carolina (Feb. 20).

Ben Carson further explained that he wouldn’t the type of person who would just stay in the race to stay in the race, indicating — unlike many GOP candidates — a willingness to accept defeat if it looks like his chances for winning would be very slim.


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