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New dangers found in latest Obama gun orders

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By Paul Bremmer

Among the provisions of what Barack Obama calls “common sense” measures to stop “gun violence” – which critics condemn as the president’s latest unconstitutional end-runs around Congress – one controversial new rule empowers health-care providers to report the names of mentally ill patients to a FBI firearms background check system.

Providers will no longer need to obtain the patient’s consent before sharing such information.

Obvious problems with this measure have been cited, such as the effect of discouraging battled-scarred military veterans from seeking mental health care for fear of losing their right to possess a firearm.

But journalist David Kupelian, author of the influential new book, “The Snapping of the American Mind,”  even questions whether Obama’s far-left administration might possibly be tempted to use this new rule to target “dissidents” –  outspoken critics, conservatives, Christians, constitutionalists and the like – as mentally impaired or unstable, and, therefore, unfit for gun ownership.

“Don’t laugh,” Kupelian said. “The left – which in today’s America dominates not only government, but also psychology and the social sciences – has a proven track record throughout modern history of demonizing and pathologizing conservatism and Christianity.”

In fact, as Kupelian noted, he predicted this very sort of thing in “The Snapping of the American Mind.” In that recently released book, he wrote:

“Under Obama, the U.S. government has seen fit to target ‘dissidents’ in a variety of ways, from Homeland Security profiling conservatives as potential ‘extremists,’ to the IRS notoriously discriminating against tea-party groups, to the legal prosecution of Christians for declining to participate in homosexual wedding ceremonies. How big a leap might it be from these forms of persecution to ‘diagnosing’ members of the same groups as ‘mentally ill,’ ‘disordered,’ or ‘impaired?’ (That would certainly be a handy way to deny firearms ownership to such newly minted ‘mental-health risks.’)”

There is ample precedent for this, as Kupelian notes. In the Soviet Union, brave dissidents who spoke out against communism were diagnosed with invented conditions like “philosophical intoxication” and “sluggish schizophrenia” and were confined in psychiatric hospitals for “treatment.”

Even today in America, conservatives are constantly slammed with labels that imply some sort of mental disorder. Kupelian writes in his book:

“Consider: Those who complain their once-great country is being overrun with illegal immigrants are branded ‘xenophobic,’ a pathologizing label implying one has a phobia (a mental disorder). Opponents of radically redefining marriage are ‘homophobic,’ a made-up pathologizing label. Those objecting to Islamist subversion of the United States are ‘Islamophobic,’ another made-up pathologizing label. Same with ‘biphobia,’ for people who don’t like to be around bisexuals, and ‘transphobia,’ for people uncomfortable around transgendered people.

“Those questioning ‘catastrophic man-caused global warming’ are ‘climate-change deniers,’ an epithet designed to convey not merely pathological denial, but moral equivalence to ‘Holocaust deniers’ – in other words, dangerous derangement.”

Clearly, not everyone is worried about government abuse of the mental health system. As Politico reported:

“Paul Gionfriddo, chief executive of the…

 if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.


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