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People Instantly Noticed The 6 Words Obama Began His Gun Town Hall With That Say A LOT

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At Thursday night’s Town Hall regarding gun control televised by CNN, President Obama didn’t take long to express the gap between himself and America’s gun rights advocates.

Although the event was billed as a place for those of different opinions to find common ground, Obama showed how far removed he is from those who oppose him.

“I have never owned a gun,” Obama said in his opening remarks, although he did try to soften that by saying he had done some skeet shooting at Camp David.

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“He’s never owned a gun and I’m sure the thought of all those guns around him makes him shudder,” wrote poster “BU-52” on TheBlaze — one of many who noted Obama’s admission and also the level of protection he has. “He should clean his own house first, disarm all secret service protection people, then flood the bullet market with all the stored up ammo the various agencies have been buying up.”

“I have never owned a gun” @POTUS explains there is skeet shooting at Camp David. #GunsInAmerica

— Anderson Cooper 360° (@AC360) January 8, 2016

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Obama’s comment about how great he has been for America’s gun market was also poorly received. “I think it’s useful to keep in mind I’ve been president for over seven years, and gun sales don’t seem to have suffered during that time,” said Obama. “They’ve gone up. I’ve been very good for gun manufacturers.”

Gun dealers have often reported a boost in sales following each gun control pronouncement by the president. “Is he at all surprised that gun sales have gone up since he took office?,” posted NickyLouise on TheBlaze. “It doesn’t mean that he is a champion for gun rights. It means he scares the hell out of us.”

“I respect the Second Amendment” @POTUS on #GunsInAmerica — Anderson Cooper 360° (@AC360) January 8, 2016

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h/t: TheBlaze

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