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Urban Dictionary Completely DESTROYS Obama’s Gun Control Push


Every day on television, radio, in the newspapers and probably from people you know, you hear how much people blame inanimate objects for the deaths of people.

No one wants to blame the actual criminals who are committing violent acts. No one wants to admit that murder is already banned.

These people live among us and permeate the country with their lies, obfuscations and downright lunacy.
Don’t know what a hoplophobe is? Here’s one definition from the Urban Dictionary:


Feinstein and Schumer, two people who are willing to disarm U.S. citizens in order to stop criminals. They are the epitome of what is wrong with Washington D.C.

Here’s another great one with an even better example:


Indeed, hoplophobes want you to wait for the police to come and draw that chalk line. How dare you want to protect yourself and your family?????
After all, police are minutes away when seconds matter right. What could possibly go wrong?

And then we have some fun words that are associated with hoplophobes:


You’ll often see that I use the word hoplophobe to describe people like Moms Demand, Obama, Michael Bloomberg and most Democrats who push draconian gun control measures onto law-abiding citizens.

These same people will say they are FOR the Second Amendment followed by the word ‘BUT.’ Any time someone says the word ‘but’ in this scenario, they are lying about their 2A support. Period.
These people aren’t simply gun control addicts. They are hoplophobes.

Funny that many of them have armed security for their own families but don’t want the ‘little people’ to secure their families using arms.

Most of these people are indeed delusional and insane; therefore, the word hoplophobe fits them perfectly.

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