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PROOF that Tyrannical Feds at Obama BLM are the REAL Terrorists in Oregon Rancher Protests [VIDEO]

This week’s show was full of two things I love: politics and football.

First, the standoff in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon has nothing to do with two ranchers named Steve and Dwight Hammond. It has nothing to do with setting prescribed burns either. It has to do with an obnoxious, nasty, and power hungry Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and an overzealous vindictive Fish and Wildlife Service. It has to do with an overreaching oppressive government rather than a family of ranchers.

It has to do with the illegal use of double jeopardy, bogus charges, and a left-wing radical US Attorney, (Amanda Marshall) a shady prosecutor, (Frank Papagni) and a Democrat operative masquerading as an objective judge, (Ann Aiken).

But you won’t hear any of this on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, or even FOX News for that matter. I go through the entire history of this case and PROVE to you that the victims are the Hammonds and the BLM and FWS are the terrorists.

Barack ‘Insane’ Obama cried crocodile tears while surrounding himself with left-wing gun-grabbing activists. If he was so moved why isn’t he crying at all the funerals that take place every day in his adopted city of Chicago? No doubt those tears were premeditated like everything else this tyrant does. He signed his new executive orders on gun control in front of little children just as Adolph Hitler did before him.

The NFL playoffs are upon us and what better way to bring them about than with an interview with legendary Coach Howard Schnellenberger? Howard coached for 54 years and was mentored by the great Paul “Bear” Bryant and Don Shula. He was Shula’s Offensive Coordinator under the 1972 Undefeated Miami Dolphins team. We discussed his long and storied career and his book, Passing The Torch: Building Winning Programs with a Dose of Swagger Along the Way.

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