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High School Caught Recruiting Students for Hillary’s Campaign

We all know that teachers’ unions are an arm of Democrat Party.  In every election cycle, Democrat candidates are the beneficiaries of millions in union PAC money.

In return, Democrat politicians keep the money and regulations flowing in the direction the unions want.

But now, it seems the unions are attempting to mobilize students to work on one Democrat’s political campaign.

Charisma News has the story:

A public high school in Maine was caught red-handed trying to recruit students to work on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign as a “community service opportunity”—without the knowledge or consent of parents.

Could you imagine the national media firestorm had the school been recruiting for Donald Trump’s campaign?

Students at Marshwood High School in South Berwick received an email from the Clinton campaign—urging them to sign up for positions as unpaid “fellows.”

“Hillary for New Hampshire is looking for smart, energetic winter fellows who are committed to winning the New Hampshire primary for Hillary Clinton,” read the email from a campaign staffer. “Everyone working on the campaign now started off as a fellow at some point, so it is a great way of getting a different skill set whilst helping an important cause.”

This is shocking, but not really surprising.  Hillary has been working hard to get all the public-sector unions in her back pocket.  She and Bill have done everything they can to bribe, threaten, and shame unions to support her dubious Presidential campaign.


It also isn’t surprising that the school would recruit students without allowing parents to even know about it.

Schools engaging in partisan political activities is strictly forbidden by law.

But, this is Hillary and Bill we are talking about here.  Laws mean nothing to them when they conflict with the Clintons’ ambitions.

Charisma News has more:

Tim and Elita Galvin were furious that their teenage son had received the solicitation—calling it “disingenuous and sneaky.”

“My son didn’t appreciate being targeted by anybody via his school email for a political campaign,” Mrs. Galvin told me. “I’ll be honest—he’s not a fan of Hillary Clinton to begin with. He’s done his homework and he doesn’t like her.”

The Galvins reached out to Paul Mehlhorn, the principal of the high school. They provided me with a copy of his emailed response.

“We often receive information from outside sources regarding opportunities for students to get involved in their communities,” he wrote. “We pass on this information to provide students with ways they may meet the requirement to perform 50 hours of community service to graduate.”

Mehlhorn went on to explain that students are not obligated to volunteer for Clinton’s campaign, “nor does it suggest the school supports a particular political candidate, religious doctrine or branch of military.”

The principal went to say that the email solicitation sounded like a great way to have a conversation with their children about understanding their choices in getting involved or not.

This principal’s nonsensical response is typical liberal doublespeak –…

 if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.
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