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Obama Administration Brutally Mocked In Hilarious Gun Control Post

Obama’s recently proposed executive order on gun control would force many private sellers to obtain Federal Firearms Licenses (FFL) in an attempt to close the nonexistent “gun show loophole.”

To aid citizens in complying with the forthcoming gun control measure, the Department of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms made a Facebook post giving instructions on when a FFL is required.

Well, someone quickly saw the irony and jumped on the opportunity for mockery faster than you can say furious.

How did they not see the irony in this? Who knows.

The funniest part of the post (which is hyperlinked to in the second paragraph) is that the ATF actually has responded to the majority of Facebook comments asking questions about scenarios where a FFL may be needed.

The comment about Mexican cartels, however, received no reply.

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