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Obama’s Hypocrisy on Gun Violence and Cops Perfectly Exposed


Via Robert Gehl:

Police in Philadelphia are investigating whether the masked ISIS gunman who tried to murder a cop is part of a broader terrorist network in the city.

Before trying to murder Officer Jesse Hartnett Thursday night, devout Muslim Edward Archer pledged allegiance to ISIS and was clearly operating on their behalf, despite idiotic comments from the mayor that “it had nothing to do with being a Muslim.”

An anonymous tipster told an officer that Hartnett was part of a wider radicalized network of terrorists-in-waiting targeting law enforcement officers.

Edward Archer

It was a woman who approached a cop on duty who told them about the terrorist network. The woman said there were at least three others in the network – and Archer was not the most radicalized of the four. ABC News is reporting the three other men “frequent the area where the shooting took place and the officers should be careful there.”


Investigators said Archer told them he was “following Allah” and pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group, and he believed the police department defends laws that are contrary to Islam. Authorities believe Archer traveled to Saudi Arabia in 2011 and to Egypt in 2012 and are investigating the purpose of those trips. FBI special agent Eric Ruona said Sunday that as U.S. authorities work with partners overseas, it would take time to find any potential terror connections, and it was too early for any meaningful comment on the subject.

Archer said he targeted police because they “defend laws that conflict with the Quran,” Islam’s holy book.

Officer Jesse Hartnett

Archer’s mother said he was a “devout Muslim” and had been recently hearing voices. Valerie Holliday said Archer suffered multiple head injuries from playing football and a motorcycle accident.

“He’s been acting kind of strange lately. He’s been talking to himself… laughing and mumbling,” Holliday said. “He’s been hearing voices in his head. We asked him to get medical help.”

Officer Hartnett’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to pay for his medical expenses and recovery. So far, the page has raised almost $22,000.

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