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Who Is The Real Enemy In November?



Going to The Establishment Ball?

Going to The Establishment Ball?

Editor:  Well said as far as it goes.  Do you remember the definition of insanity according Albert Einstein? 

Sometimes all it takes is an election for politicians to show their true colors.

It amazes me how Republicans are dividing themselves and the Republican party over their current presidential candidates.

Donald Trump is currently, and has been since day one, the frontrunner in the Republican race. Establishment Republicans, of whom there seems to have been a huge increase since the 2012 election, are attacking Trump on a regular basis.

Many of the current Republican candidates are so focused on Trump (and each other) that they don’t even talk about issues, Democrats, or Obama’s failures.

Jeb Bush spends so much time talking about Donald Trump that no one even listens to him anymore.

John McCain criticizes Trump on a regular basis, as does failed Republican candidate Lindsay Graham. Of course, since those two have been BFFs for years it’s not surprising they would share the same views.

The latest Republican to jump on the anti-Trump bandwagon is South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. Haley was tasked with the rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday evening.

Governor Haley, who was a Tea Party favorite when elected but has since veered toward the progressive side, spent a few minutes weakly criticizing President Obama. She didn’t do it well. Afer that she spent the rest of her address criticizing Donald Trump and anyone who agrees with him. She didn’t mention Trump by name but anyone who didn’t understand about whom she was talking is naïve.

We must ask ourselves who is the real enemy in the November election. Is it the Democrats and their nominee, whomever that may be? Or is it Donald Trump? Would the RINOs in the Republican party rather see a Democrat elected than a rogue like Trump?


The answer to that question may be more obvious than you think. Establishment Republicans are afraid. They’re afraid of losing their jobs. Whether you agree with Trump or not, if he gets elected President he is going to change the Republican party and its goals.

If he lives up to his campaign promises (and that remains a big If at this point) he is going to actually do the things that Republicans currently in office promised to do but failed. And that scares the heck out of the establishment RINOs.

The next 9 months should prove to be extremely interesting. I’m not a huge fan of Donald Trump but will vote for him should he win the nomination. But I am a fan of what he’s doing with Republicans and conservatives (not the same thing) – causing people to question their political leaders and their usefulness.

This year, thanks largely to Trump, Americans get to see the true colors of their elected Republican officials. That’s always a good thing, regardless of who wins.

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