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Nobody Knows What Hillary Clinton’s Message And Accomplishments Are

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FMR. CLINTON SPEECHWRITER DON BAER: She’s out there campaigning hard, she’s got a great message, she has a terrific record and frankly, she has the ability to help move the country forward – unlike any of the other candidates – based on her record and based on what she’s saying she would do as president.

But what exactly is her “message?”

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MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I say on the one hand, I still don’t understand your message. What is it clearly?

HILLARY CLINTON: I’m running because we have to build on the progress that I think we’ve made under President Obama. Not let it get ripped away and I have a lot of respect for my Democratic opponents but I believe I know what it takes and I have what it takes to do the job of president and that means every part of it. For me, this really is pretty straight forward. I don’t promise easy answers, I don’t promise things that I’m not knowing can be delivered. I’m laying out a set of plans to deal with the economy, national security, a lot of the social issues and family concerns that people talk to me about and I know I can do all of that and I intend to deliver for the American people. So I have a very clear North Star that I want to see realized and it’s what I’m going to be working hard everyday to achieve.

So now that’s clear as mud, what is her track record?

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CARLY FIORINA: You know, it’s interesting. I come from a world where titles are just titles and talk is just talk. You know, it’s only in politics where titles and words mean a lot. It’s also true as Secretary of State that she called Bashar al-Assad a positive reformer. It’s also true that in 2011, when she was Secretary of State, she said that Iraq was a free, stable, sovereign nation and now we have a nation falling apart, Iranian influence growing, ISIS growing. So all those things I just named go fundamentally to what is her track record. Mrs. Clinton is going to have to defend her track record. Her track record of lying about Benghazi, of lying about her emails, of lying about her servers. She does not have a track record of accomplishment. Like Mrs. Clinton, I too have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe, but unlike Mrs. Clinton, I know that flying is an activity, it is not an accomplishment. Mrs. Clinton, if you want to stump a Democrat, ask them to name an accomplishment of Mrs. Clinton.

MARK HALPERIN: What did she accomplish, that you consider significant as Secretary of State?


RYAN: I can’t really name anything off the top of my head.

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